Submission Guidelines

Here at The 504, we do have some submission guidelines that we would like you to follow. If these guidelines are not followed, your submission will be rejected.

  1. The theme for this submission window is Fantasy. (Note: This is Devin’s project. While she LOVES magic, she doesn’t enjoy How-to books on how to use magic. Make sure your story/poem is about the story/poem, and not about magic.)
  2. We accept fiction, and poetry – up to 5000 words.
    • Keep in mind we receive a LOT of poetry. So you have a better chance of being published if you submit a short story.
    • To see 9 reasons why you should write and submit short stories click here.
  3. It must be work that has never been published before.
  4. You must use this page to submit.
  5. We do accept simultaneous submissions, however once your piece is accepted elsewhere please inform us.
  6. The window to submit is November 15th through Feburary 1st.
  7. We will make every attempt to notify you of our decision by Feburary 15th.

Things that make us put down stories in a hurry…

I love the possibility of new worlds and adventures, but I need coherence and readability. I don’t want to get caught up because of a lot of grammatical errors.

Rosa Meronek

I focus on story and craft. If you choose to use “-ly” adverbs or exposition they need to do something for your story.

Devin Vandriel

When a story starts with “once upon a time” as part of a weak opening paragraph, or too much exposition between character dialogue, or ambiguous plot lines and extreme racism or sexism.

Dimitri Van Driel

Now you know about our standards and some of our dislikes.

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